Loads of Small Things for #SmallThingsSummer!

This week, we wanted to let the amazing supporters of the #SmallThingsSummer Campaign tell you about their mini-campaigns in their own words.  Every single person has put a lot of thought and care into their mini-campaigns for raising money. And the result? A diversity of unique and interesting ways to support The Orphanage Reform Project this summer.  We could only cover a handful of all the mini-fundraisers, so please feel free to explore the #SmallThingsSummer site to read about the rest!

‘Please help me raise funds for The Small Things, a non-profit run by my daughter Bekka, to support the children of Nkoaranga.  I will be participating in a 100 mile bike ride in early September.’
David Ross Russell ($1535 raised)

‘This summer I will be saving all my bottles and collecting bottles from my family, neighbours and friends to help make a HUGE difference in the lives of the children at Nkoaranga Orphanage in Tanzania.’
Kristina Alexander ($175 raised)
‘I decided to skip all the unnecessary candy-shopping this summer and put all that small-change (coins) in a tin-jar and save it for the kids instead!’
Emelie Elmhorn ($228 raised)

‘I’m climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise money for The Small Things – Nkoaranga Orphanage. Aside from it being probably one of the most challenging things I’ll ever do in my life, I want to use the climb to bring attention to the beautiful children at Nkoaranga Orphanage in Arusha, Tanzania.’
Ruth Cardona ($5270 raised)

‘To join The Small Things Summer campaign I have decided that for every beer I buy while watching a game this Summer I will donate the equivalent amount of money to the Nkoaranga Children. If you want to join me, donate a few dollars every time you watch a game and have a beer with your friends!’
Jakob Flou ($70 raised)
‘I will be doing a few small things this July and August. I will be giving up chocolate for the month of July (groan) and donating the proceeds here. I will also be selling the jam Mete and I make each summer on vacation to the tourists that flow daily by my building’s front door. And I will be organizing a small change drive within my building.’
Amy Fontaine ($1320 raised)
‘Hi everyone! The three of us (me, Jordan, my mum, Nickie and my sister, Georgia) are trekking 29 miles through the Brecon Beacons in 12 hours on 7th June and want to raise money for The Small Things.’
Jordan Edwards ($1129.43 raised)

‘Pennie Branden invited her sister Lori Higdon, an Rodan and Fields (R&F) Executive Consultant, to present an event at her home in CT, entitled Improving the World and Your Skin. The best part of the evening was that, as well as showcasing the R&F skin-care line, the attendees were introduced to The Small Things, Inc. All profits from any orders taken that evening, and for Pennie’s and Lori’s repeat orders from those clients through the summer, are coming to TST.’

Pennie Branden ($200 raised)

Samba Treks held a mini-fundraiser to support Nkoaranga Orphanage and Samba Treks. [The Small Things] desperately need help funding upgrades in the orphanage, including more hygiene stations and solar heaters, redesigning their kitchen, hiring a staff nurse, and providing more training for caregivers. We are donating half of what we raised to The Small Things.’
Samba Treks ($500 donated)

‘As part of my small contribution, I am running a toy drive. The children are in desperate need of age appropriate, educational toys & games (ages 0-5), so they can grow and learn together and develop the skills necessary for kids their age.’

Jessica Manna ($175 raised)

We hope you enjoyed finding out a bit about ten fantastic mini-fundraisers and the amazing people behind them.  We have been amazed by the dedication and creativity shown by everyone involved, so a BIG THANK YOU to all our fundraisers. Further, a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who has supported us by donating, spreading the word, or by exploring the #SmallThingsSummer Page. With only two weeks left in the campaign, and $2000 left to go, we are beyond ecstatic about the success of the campaign, and cannot thank you all enough!