Outreach Program Success Stories!

Outreach Program Success Stories!
Our Outreach Program works with people in the surrounding community through micro-loans and micro-grants, giving them the opportunity to improve their current situation in a sustainable fashion. Although the Outreach Program is growing, its core beliefs are unchanged.  Every new project is carefully considered so that it is tailored to the needs and skills of the individual behind it.  In doing so, we hope to maximise the success of each project. 

Most recently, we’ve gotten caught up with 4 of the women in the program, with much success to share. Read on to learn more about all of their stories and how their small businesses will help change their lives.

Bibi Anna (Anna’s grandmother)

Bibi Anna is a widow with two children living with varying physical health conditions. This comes with a significant amount of stress, along with the struggle to be able to afford food and shelter.  She approached TST and joined our outreach program two months ago, in which we provided her with a grant to start a clothing business. Since then, we are delighted to report that her clothing business is flourishing! She can now pay for the food, shelter and medicines her family needs. Further, at our most recent follow-up, she reported that her life now has meaning. What a fantastic improvement.

Bibi Anna 
Bibi Anna with granddaughter Anna


Mother of 3, Jemima was living with her youngest child in a small room she was renting after being left by her husband.  Unable to pay rent, she was then kicked out by the landlord with no place to go.  To make things worse, her youngest child was experiencing heart problems, bringing in an overwhelming hospital bill. It was at this point she came to The Small Things (TST) for help.  Due to her skills in soap making, we provided her with a grant for a powder soap business.  This has been going well: she has received steady customers from her neighbours and now makes enough to pay her rent, electricity bills as well as provide health care and food for both her and her child. Moreover, she is able to spend more time with her little boy!  As with all projects, we continue to monitor their progress, and recently have bought Jemima another bag of soap to help her expand her business.

Jemima with her new soap!
Jemima and her youngest child

Mama Max (Max’s Mother)
Mama Max has had a difficult time since her husband passed away several years ago.  During her initial discussions in her first Outreach Program assessment, Mama Max expressed a capability and interest in rearing chicken. TST provided Mama Max with the tools and equipment necessary to build a chicken coop, along with providing her with 10 chickens. Her chicken project is going very well – producing eggs which she can sell and use to provide healthy nutrition for her family.  Amazingly, her hens have also produced chicks despite the cold weather.  When they grow up, they will help to further her business.

Mama Max

Mama Max and her chickens


And last but not the least, a young woman named Chichi was recently laid-off by a local shop owner who could no longer afford to employ her without losing money. Chichi was subsequently at a loss for what to do.  TST was able to support Chichi by giving her a grant to start a clothing business.  Chichi managed this project successfully, and used her profits to start a chicken project. Congratulations to Chichi on her success and we hope she will enjoy as much success with this new project!

Chichi starting her clothing business
Chichi with her new Chicken Project!

We are delighted with the achievements of these projects and the growth of our Outreach Program.  It is fantastic to see what an improvement can be achieved with just a little helping hand along with the determination and skills of the women.  The Small Things is very proud to support individuals like Bibi Anna, Jemima, Mama Max, and Chichi in improving their living conditions; however TST would not be able to implement these projects without the help of our generous sponsors. 

Thank you to all our supporters, as these projects could not happen without you! Each and every donation (big or small) has the potential to create sustainable positive change in the lives of these women, and we are extremely grateful for your generosity.

To help more women like Bibi Anna, Jemima, Mama Max, and Chichi, visit our Sponsor Outreach Page.