TST Intern to Climb the World’s Tallest Freestanding Mountain

TST Intern to Climb the World’s Tallest Freestanding Mountain
Since the beginning of May 2014, Ashley Hoy from Toronto, Canada has been completing an internship here with The Small Things as our Marketing & Fundraising Coordinator. Her first major fundraising project, #SmallThingsSummer was a huge success, raising over $23K for our Orphanage Reform Project. Now she’s taking on a new personal fundraising project, with a goal of raising $5000 for TST. Read more about her new adventure in this following guest blog.
Guest Blog by Ashley Hoy
Marketing & Fundraising Coordinator

Hey everyone!
My name is Ashley
Hoy and I’m currently the Marketing & Fundraising Coordinator here at TST. I’ve
been working here for almost 5 months now, and I’ve already fallen in love with every single one of Nkoaranga’s beautiful children. 
After completing and
succeeding in my first major fundraising project, #SmallThingsSummer, I’ve decided to challenge myself yet again with my own personal
fundraising campaign. This time however, I’ll be completing this challenge alongside the incredible woman who gave me the gift of life; my mother Anna Hoy.

This November, my
mother and I will be attempting to (and succeeding!) in climbing the world’s
tallest free standing mountain, Mt. Kilimanjaro. We will be embarking on this 8-day trek on November 19th, 2014, all to raise funds and awareness for The Small Things. We aim to raise $5000, with the money going towards funding sustainable and empowering solutions including, but not limited to, children’s education, health care, Mama’s salaries, outreach project micro-grants, food and housing.

Having spent my past four months getting to know the community that TST supports, I am honoured and thrilled to be able to play even the smallest part in helping provide the kids of the Nkoaranga Orphanage and surrounding community a slice of a brighter future. Sharing the vision of a better and fair world, my mother and I hope that our trek will contribute to giving TST’s children a life of endless possibilities. 

My mother and I 
To top it off, we will be climbing with Samba Treks, a social enterprise in which 100% of its profits are channeled right back into the community. Unlike many other Kilimanjaro climbing companies, Samba Treks works to improve porter welfare, providing their porters and staff with fair wages, safe working conditions, and equal treatment. Further, this socially conscious and ethical travel company is also one of TST’s amazing sponsors and community partners, whose support is extremely appreciated by the TST family. 
Samba Treks’ Tanzanian Manager (Charles Samba)
and his father, who’s also a porter!
While the trek will be a strenuous one, being one of the most important challenges of our lives, we can not wait to start climbing and playing our part in supporting the children of Nkoaranga.

Support the Campaign
Please consider helping us reach our $5000 goal and supporting this challenging adventure by donating to our Campaign Page
To learn more about my experience here in Tanzania, feel free to check out my personal blog here, or e-mail myself at [email protected]
Thank you in advance for your help! Your support will not go unnoticed and will play a huge part in creating a life of opportunity for each and every child TST supports.
Asante Sana!
– Ashley 

About Ashley Hoy

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Ashley graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelors of Physical Health and Education, as well as acquired her Post-Graduate Certificate in Sport and Event Marketing from George Brown College. Upon graduation, Ashley obtained her internship with The Small Things, where she was able to fulfill her career objectives in eradicating poverty and health disparities at an international level. Passionate about improving the physical and mental health status in populations around the world, Ashley is thrilled to be able to utilize her fundraising and marketing skills to create positive social impact during her time with The Small Things.