Halloween in NK – A Photo Blog

Happy Halloween everyone! While most children in Tanzania do not celebrate Halloween, we thought we’d introduce to our children at the Nkoaranga Orphanage the fun and expressive activity of playing dress-up!

Here are our top 15 photos of our 2014 Halloween in NK. Enjoy!

1. Bekka (TST’s Executive Director) turning Filipo into a chameleon!
2. Vampire Cats? (Frankie and Maureen Mdogo)
3. Even Mama Ayo joined the fun!
4. Suleman the Dalmation!
5. Ester, Brighton, and Frankie with their new hair. 
6.Peace, the flower!

7. Isaac, Brighton, Peace and Maureen watching volunteer Cassie carve a pumpkin!
8. Filipo admiring the finished product!

9. Isaac doesn’t know what to think about this strange new goo!

10. Ebenezer Mkubwa with baby Olivia.
11. Neema the cat.

12. Baby Baracka a little confused with his new hat.
13. Shujaa the Tiger!
14. Maureen helping Brighton put in his vampire teeth!
15. Brighton and Shujaa ending a lovely day on the swings

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