Meet Olivia, Suleman and Adam; three gorgeous babies who are still in need of sponsors!

Meet Olivia, Suleman and Adam. These three gorgeous babies are still in need of sponsors!

Sponsoring a child is a great way to support our work, open your family to a child without one, and develop an ongoing relationship with one amazing little boy or girl. Is this something that you, or somebody you know may be interested in?

Read the following profiles of our beautiful babies to see if you could become their sponsor today. The hardest part will be deciding which one to sponsor!

Date of Birth: July 14th 2014

Olivia is a beautiful girl whose mother is suffering from a severe mental health condition, preventing the mother from providing the love and care needed to raise her child. While Olivia’s grandmother was trying to help, due to her age and immobility, she lacked the capacity to be able to provide Olivia with the necessary attention for healthy development. Olivia is now staying at the Nkoaranga Orphanage where she will receive 24/7 care with frequent visits from her grandmother, allowing her to develop into a healthy young girl while continuing to form relationships with her family.

Date of Birth: June 14th 2014

Suleman was born in his home, and tragically his mother passed away after giving birth to him. Suleman was born in June 2014, and very early it was discovered that he had a heart condition and he was taken to a heart specialist. The first couple of months Suleman cried quite a lot, but he has already grown so much and is turning into a happy cuddly boy. His father doesn’t visit, but his aunt and uncle have visited sometimes and they call the orphanage from time to time to get an update on little Suleman.

Date of Birth: July 27th 2014

Adam was born a healthy little boy, but sadly his mother died after his birth. He was born in a far-off district, however, since his father is originally from Meru, he brought Adam to TST. Adam was born on 27th July this year, making him the second youngest at the orphanage. Although he, like any other newborn, cries a lot, he also overwhelms the volunteers with his cuteness.

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So, how does it work?

We have five levels of sponsorship available: 
  • Rafiki (Friend) sponsorship: $15 or £10 per month covers your child’s toys, games, trips off the property, and medical care.
  • Mwalimu (Teacher) sponsorship: $30 or £20 per month covers your child’s day preschool, plus buys books for the orphanage.
  •  Shangazi (Aunt) or Mjomba (Uncle) sponsorship: $50 or £30 per month covers your child’s food and vitamins
  • Mzazi (Parent) sponsorship: $75 or £50 per month covers the mama’s salaries and the child’s housing and clothes.
  • Shujaa (Hero) sponsorship: $150 or £100 per month covers all of the above! Shujaa sponsors can also choose to help cover our administrative and other costs by adding on an additional amount per month.

Click here for more information on our sponsorship program!

The Small Things would be extremely grateful for any support you would be able to provide these wonderful, sweet babies. Simply by sharing this blog and reaching out to your friends, family, colleagues and neighbors, you would be helping massively in helping us get our Adam, Sule and Olivia sponsored soon!

Thank you!