Join us in bringing a Happy Holiday and a loving New Year to our children!

HELP US FILL UP OUR CHRISTMAS TREE! Check out the sneak peek of the campaign now! 

With less than one month until the Holidays, we are very excited to kick-off our 2014 Holiday sponsorship drive! As you may know, the goal for last year’s sponsorship drive was to get at least one sponsor for each child. The campaign was a huge success, and we cannot begin to express how grateful we are for our supporters and advocates! Without you, none of what we have achieved would have been possible – THANK YOU!

What is the focus of our #GiveandReceive Holiday Sponsorship Drive this year?

The #GiveandReceive Holiday sponsorship drive is a campaign focused on bringing a Happy New Year to our kids in Nkoaranga! We want to build a loving, safe and healthy home for our children, and have made several plans for the next year with this goal in mind. The plans revolve around the kids, and will be funded through their sponsorships.  Therefore, the main goal this year is to get, not just one sponsor for each child, but FULL sponsorship for each child!

What have we achieved so far in 2014?

As you may also know, 2014 has been an extremely busy and successful year! We have been granted permission to start building the Happy Family Children’s Village.  The pilot for this exciting project has been successful: with our school-age kids living and being looked after in the pilot house, and attending school as day-pupils.

The #SmallThingsSummer campaign was fantastic in bringing together lots of people doing small fundraisers to achieve a big result.  Efforts have been put into our long-term vision of sustainable development through our Outreach Program.  And, last but not least, we have approved the Orphanage Reform Project plan which will substantially improve the quality of life of the children and Mamas.

The new baby room implemented through the Orphanage Reform Project! Excellent team work!

Where will the money raised from #GiveandReceive go?

The sponsorship money will go towards increasing the living standard for each amazing child. This increase in living standards will be achieved through implementing the Orphanage Reform Project plan (outlined below). 

More Mamas per shift: The incredible Mamas will have more time to spend with the children; meet the children’s developmental needs, and help them to form healthy attachments.  Importantly, the Mamas will also have a more manageable workload.

Nutritious food: Each child’s specific needs will be taken into account, leading to happier and healthier children. 

Better pre-school education: Pre-school lays the foundations which will be built upon throughout education, and a child’s experience here is very important.  The children will be given the best start towards a bright future in which they can choose what they want to do with their lives, and support themselves independently. 

More child-focused staff members at The Small Things: Empowering the community through employing more people. Also, employing external people will expand our skills portfolio which equals to greater opportunities in the future for the orphanage! 

This beautiful flower, Isaac, is just one of the many children who will be benefiting from this years #GiveandReceive Campaign! 

How can I be a part of #GiveandReceive?

Every day we see the positive changes our donors make possible, and we want you to be a part of that change. The TST Christmas tree is back this year! Through sponsoring a specific child, you start filling up the tree with the children-picture ornaments!  You can set up an automatic monthly sponsorship, or choose to pay upfront for the whole of 2015. Alternatively, you can become a general donor! 

  • Silver Donors:

As a Silver Donor, you will receive a paper ornament with the children’s hand-prints as a thank you gift. You can become a Silver Donor by: 

·  Rafiki (friend) sponsorship of $15/£10 per month
·  Shangazi (aunt)/Mjomba (uncle) sponsorship of $30/£20 per month
·  One-time general donation of at least $150 to TST. 

  • Gold Donors: 

As a Gold Donor, you will receive a handmade Tanzanian ornament as a thank you gift. Become a Gold Donor by: 

·  Mualim (teacher) sponsorship of $60/£40 per month
·  Maazi (Parent) sponsorship of $100/£60 per month
·  One-time general donation of at least $500 to TST. 

  • Diamond Donors:

As a Diamond donor, you will receive the 2015 TST Calendar with pictures of our beautiful children. You can become a Diamond Donor by:

·  Shujaa (Hero) sponsorship of $180/£115 per month 
·  Shujaa ya Shule (School hero) sponsorship of $240/£150 per month
·  Sustainer sponsorship of $500/£320 per month
·  One-time general donation of at least $1000 to TST. 

HELP US FILL UP OUR CHRISTMAS TREE! Check out the sneak peek of the campaign now! 

Your support allows us to continue giving love and support to our wonderful children.  Thank you for being part of a campaign which brings people across the world together in giving and receiving love, joy, kindness, and humanity.