2 weeks left! #GiveandReceive

We are now halfway through our #GiveandReceive Holiday campaign, where our sole goal is to get FULL sponsorships for ALL of our children! THANK YOU to all of our incredible sponsors and supporters – you are amazing! 

Since the start of the campaign, we have many new additions to the TST family – welcome to all of you! A big shout-out to all of our sponsors who have stayed with us through many good and exciting times, and a few very difficult ones – we are grateful to have you on board for next year’s continued success!
What have we achieved so far during #GiveandReceive?

We have 39 children in total who need sponsorships, and 7 of them are already fully sponsored!! Many of the others are incredibly close to being fully sponsored – go to our sponsorship page to see the individual elephant meters (Curious? Take a peek!) we need to fill up for each child. Why not sponsor a child as a Christmas present, and give an extra push to get each kid fully sponsored?

Believe it or not, we still have some wonderful children who have no sponsors at all.


Adam, pictured below being cuddled by our lovely Vicky, is the youngest baby at the orphanage. He was born a healthy little boy at the end of July this year, and came to the orphanage after his mother tragically passed away after giving birth. He cried a lot in the beginning, but he is getting bigger now, and you can often catch him smiling!


Priska is a lovely little girl, who lives in Pippi House, a safe house for survivors of sexual abuse, where she receives vocational training, medical care, and psychological support. The Small Things support Priska through our Outreach program, and she is one of the children who needs sponsors!
If you think you could become Adam or Priska’s first sponsor (or a treasured sponsor of any child!), you can find out more here!
Where does your sponsorship money go? 
All the sponsorship money goes to providing for our children, and below you can see a breakdown of all the costs associated with caring for the children at the orphanage, and Pilot House (for future Happy Family Children’s Village!) respectively.
Help us, help our children AND get something in return! Become a part of our family and community through sponsoring a child, and get a personalized card, Tanzanian ornament, or the 2015 TST Calendar, sent home to you as a thank you! Click here to go to our #GiveandReceive page, and help fill up the Christmas tree with our children!
If you have any questions about sponsoring a child or Outreach family, please contact our sponsorship coordinator Theresa at [email protected], and she will be happy to help you!
Thank you!