An Nkoaranga Christmas! #GiveandReceive

With only 1 week left of the Holiday drive, we wanted to wish you all a…

This week, TST celebrated Christmas with our children, and hard-working Mamas and volunteers. We started out by setting up the tree while the little kiddos were taking a nap, putting the wrapped presents under the tree, and then handing out all the gifts to our wonderful children. They were incredibly excited, and the celebrations went on for hours with the kids unwrapping and playing with the toys!

We wanted to share our celebrations with you, and have made a little video to give you a taste of Christmas at Nkoaranga:

Without you, we would never have been able to give our amazing children all this, and we want to say THANK YOU with all our hearts for your incredible support throughout 2014! 
We are excited to have many new sponsors joining the TST family – welcome to all of you! A big shout-out as well to all of those sponsors who joined us before the start of this year’s #GiveandReceive campaign.  We are so grateful for your ongoing support, and excited to share 2015 with everyone!
How can I join in?
During the #GiveandReceive drive, our goal is to get FULL sponsorship of all of our children, and so far 11 children are fully sponsored!  We are thrilled!! 41 children still need more sponsors to become fully sponsored.  You can get involved by helping us to spread the word about the #GiveandReceive campaign, checking out our campaign website or signing up to become a sponsor!  We are so grateful for whatever support you can give.
What does it mean to become a sponsor?
By sponsoring a child through TST, you will build a special relationship with the little boy or girl.
  • Share the development of your sponsored child through quarterly reports, pictures and videos
  • Once they are old enough, your sponsored child will also write you at least two letters a year themselves.
  • Follow their progress and growth through our monthly newsletter, Facebook and Instagram accounts, and Youtube channel!
When you sign up to sponsor a child during the Holiday #GiveandReceive drive, you will also get a gift from us in return in the form of a personalized card, Tanzanian ornament, or the 2015 TST Calendar, sent home to you! 

Find out more, gaze upon our sponsorship tree(!) or sponsor a child at our campaign site:

Thank you so much – Happy Holidays!