Fill a Box, Make a Home!

…and when we say a box, we mean a huuuge box, filled with HEAPS of lovely things!  But we’re getting ahead of ourselves, let us explain…
Excitingly, we are at the stage where the walls of the first houses of the Happy Family Children’s Village in Memory of Amir Visram are shooting up quickly, and very soon it will be time to start thinking of making the concrete walls into a warm and happy home for the children to move into!  And this goes for Nkoaranga Orphanage and the staff/volunteer houses too, which also need some added home-touches as we raise the living conditions for everyone.
Wow! And what a beautiful view!
Although lots of the things we need in order to make these houses into homes for the children, Mamas, and volunteers will be sourced locally (we feel strongly that it is important to support local businesses wherever possible, plus, Tanzanian material is absolutely stunning!), some things we have to get from overseas, and for this, we have organized for a container to be shipped across to Tanzania with all the extra things we need…
…and it will start its journey on February 27th!
Vicky showing off her tower-building skills!
Thank you, Ansku Ikonen, for capturing this moment.
We wanted to get all of you involved in filling these houses with things like toys, books and stationery for the children to play with, treasure, and use as they grow in a place they can call home!  Would you like to add something from you to the container, with the knowledge that it is going to a great place, and to a worthwhile cause?
If that sounds good to you, please take a look at our Wish List on Amazon!
We need a whole range of things – from toys, to microwaves, to cribs (but don’t worry, many items are less than £10).  Most importantly, we hope to fill the container with lots of books for children of all ages, and educational toys and games for kids 5+.

We especially like this fun book!

If you have had a look and found something you’d like to send, firstly, THANK YOU, and secondly, here’s the shipping information!

The Small Things
C/O IMS, Inc
4412-14 Wheeler Ave
Alexandria, VA 22304
Important! All items must absolutely arrive by 27th February, 2015, to make sure they can get packed into the container in time for its departure!
Dangling/hanging toys are especially important for stimulating the little ones, like Adam here!
Thank you, Ansku Ikonen, for capturing this moment.
We are incredibly grateful to those who have already helped us to fill up the container with:
  • Lots of awesome stuff from Happy Family Brands – you are incredible!
  • Baby clothes, booties and blankets
  • Bath towels
  • Blankets
  • Vitamins
  • …and many other things! 
Sweet Faraja.  Thank you from all of us at The Small Things!