Meet Deb Marshall, our ace Volunteer Coordinator!

Deb Marshall (USA) joined the TST team in January 2015 as Volunteer Coordinator.  After meeting Bekka a few years ago, their friendship continued to grow and Deb visited the orphanage several times since that meeting.  During a visit back ‘home’ for her son’s wedding, she learned of the job opportunity at TST and it was a ‘no brainer’ for her to accept!
Deb and Neema in 2013 looking fabulous in their headbands

Since March of 2011, she has lived in Tanzania for more than 36 months, living in various communities, immersing in culture, and exploring Tanzanian life.  During those 36 months she served first as a volunteer, then returned to Tanzania as a Volunteer Coordinator, then as Administrator/Fundraising for a private school as well as participating in various sustainable community development projects.

Deb and Pascali (a great little boy who is not TST related) making funny faces last year

 Deb has had various careers throughout her life; in most recent years (pre-2011) she was President of a Chamber of Commerce, as well as VP of Economic Development (in the US) – community and business development being keystones of the past 15 years.   In the fall of 2010, however, the reality of an unfulfilled life hit Deb like a ton of bricks. Seeking options to a growing dissatisfaction led to the realization that she was called; she was called to serve in Africa, specifically Tanzania.  Answering that call meant that she would have to leave her family and friends behind, leave her job, and sacrifice most of the comforts of America.  And thus the journey that began in March of 2011 has now led to working with TST.

Angel was a tiny baby when Deb first visited.
She writes ”Now, she is working on walking and an independent beautiful toddler.
Today I spent time with her, wrestling shoes on her as she was determined to go outside, and shoes are required.
I understand as I do not prefer to wear shoes either!”

‘I love Tanzania, I adore Nkoaranga and I respect the work that TST does in collaboration with the Nkoaranga Orphanage.  I fell in love with the kids when I first visited in 2013.  It makes my heart happy to see those that I held as babies now being healthy happy toddlers. I have long been a “Bekka” fan, and I totally respect, admire and support the objectives and mission of TST as well as the incredible mamas at the orphanage. So it is FABULOUS not only to be back in Tanzania but to find myself working along with a fantastic team of ex-pats and locals who all share the same vision – the well being of the children and their families. I look forward to welcoming many volunteers to join our “family” as together we help care for, raise, educate and support these children who are the future of their community.  As well as to empower and encourage families to sustain their own lives through assistance from our Outreach program.  Truly, there are SO many exciting things happening, this is a great time to get involved!’