Going the Extra (26) Mile(s) for TST

Going the Extra (26) Mile(s) for TST

We, Joe Wyatt and Claire Wyatt, are very close siblings and have decided to take on a challenge.  On May the 31st 2015 we have signed up for the Edinburgh Marathon in aid of The Small Things.  The marathon is 26 miles!  To say this is a challenge is an understatement.  The founder of The Small Things and our cousin, Bekka Ross Russell, has really inspired us both to help support such a great charity.



I am very passionate about The Small Things and I am so pleased that we are able to run in aid of this great charity. I have been out to the orphanage in 2012 and 2014 and have seen not only the children develop but also the charity itself. It is a very special organization and has opened my eyes in so many ways and I will always be thankful for the opportunities I have had to work in Tanzania. I am fortunate enough to be heading back out to Tanzania this June and July.

Frankie and Claire

I am studying at Loughborough University and playing hockey regularly.  However, hockey is based on interval fitness with short bursts and rest!  Running has always been a hobby but distance has always been a hobby but distance has always been problematic.  I like to run short and fast so the marathon is a huge task that really requires me to change running habits.  Training got off to a slow start with injury creeping in.  One sprained ankle meant two weeks off training.  However, my training has reached up to 20 miles which I am very pleased about.  I have experienced running in the snow of England and in 30 degree heat in Bermuda (as seen in the pictures).

I cannot wait to finish the marathon alongside Joe.  Not just an achievement but an experience that I am able to do with my brother!


Joe:  I am very excited but nervous for this challenge.  I have found it difficult training with a full time job.  Training takes three hours out of your day so when I finish work at 7:00pm all I want to do is go to bed but instead I have to run.  I am very happy that we can support The Small Things as it is a charity very important to our family.  Bekka, our cousin, has done a fantastic job and we are glad we can support her.  My training is going well and I have reached 20 miles.  I am looking forward to proving to people that we can do this!  

 If you would like to support Claire and Joe in this impressive challenge, you can sponsor them


.  Best of luck, Claire and Joe!