Thank you for Spreading the Love!

The Spread the Love auction has come to an end and we have
raised a total of $10,000 thanks to all our generous supporters!
We have been amazed and humbled by the community involvement
in this event, from receiving a plethora of varied and lovely donations to the
generous bidding on these items, to say nothing of the number of Fund-a-Need
items that were purchased.  
For those of you wondering what the most popular items were,
we can tell you that the most bids were made on the Google New York headquarters
tour and several of the Tanzanian items, including a soapstone sculpture, the
hand-carved Noah’s Arc set and the hand-crafted Rosewood elephant serving
Some of the
most bid on items
The items that raised the most money for us included the
diamond and tanzanite pendant set in white gold, donated by Swala Gem Traders
($525), two of our beautiful Tanzanian quilts made in Tanzania by local women ($450
and $400) and a one week stay at a Vermont country home donated by Dorothy
Goldberg and David Ross Russell ($450). 
One of our supporters, Paul Shaw, with the beautiful bowl for
which he was the successful bidder
We have also had an amazing number
of Fund-a-Need items purchased for our Happy Family Children’s Village.  A total of 68 items were sold with a total
value of $3090.
To give you an indication of just
how much we have needed your help with the Fund-a-Need items, one of our most
lively Pilot House children, PrayGod (not known for his daintiness or vigilant
nature), recently broke one of our new bunk beds which we had thought were
indestructible.  Happily, someone very
special has offered to fix this bed (and everything else Pray has broken) –
stay tuned for an amazing story that will feature in our blog in the coming
PrayGod looking deceptively angelic and one of our new bunk beds
The Pilot House kids are so eager
to move into the Happy Family Children’s Village (and particularly excited
about their new beds).  We will be
bringing you updates and photos of the move soon!  
Well, that’s all from us about
this year’s Spread the Love auction. 
Once again, a heartfelt thank you for all of your support and
generosity, and we hope you enjoy your spoils!