#GivingTuesday: Why do you choose to give?

#GivingTuesday: Why do you choose to give?

There are countless reasons to give, but one defining feature reflected in all giving is that we must decide for ourselves to participate. Giving is in no way compulsory. You may opt to donate time or resources because a cause resonates with you, because you seek external validation (don’t we all in some form?) or simply – because you can, and because doing so signals to the world who you are and what you care about. In a time of darkness, your donations serve as a beacon of kindness, declaring that kindness always matters. 

 Asa Kelleher, a 10 year old student from Thetford, Vermont, recent visitor to our facility and new friend to all here at TST discusses his experience in Tanzania and shares with us why he personally chooses to give back!

Q:Can you tell me about the cookie fundraiser you ran to support TST? Why did you decide to organise this event and to give back?

A: I was very interested in TST when I first learned about it, and I really wanted to help kids at TST so that they could have the same lives as kids like me.

Q:Were there any moments that surprised you while in Tanzania?

A: Short answer, Yes. Long answer, I was very surprised at how much the children could run around and how much they liked to play with my family and I, probably because they do not get very many visitors. I also did not no they had such an amazing playground, or even that they had one.

Q:What was your favorite memory of visiting Tanzania? 

A: Probably TST because I have wanted to meet all of those amazing kids since I first learned about them. My favorite part of TST was either staying at Baba Gertrude’s, whose house is like a mini hotel, or getting to meet all the kids.

Q:How would you like to stay involved?

A: I will still be sponsoring Johnson and might do more cookie sales and also hope to return one day to Tanzania and TST.

Q:What would you tell other people who are interested in The Small Things?

A: It is a very inspiring place that tries to keep kids and their family’s together, It is also a very warm in lovely place for kids to stay if their family’s can not keep them even if they just sped the days at TST and sleep at home with their family’s. 

It was truly a pleasure for us to host Stephanie, Asa and Rori during their time here in Tanzania and we thank them for their continued contributions to our cause. Please help us continue to spread the word by sharing our campaign or donating here



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