A New Era for TST

The Small Things has entered a new era, with the first of the kids that we support recently graduating from primary school. Ericki, Ema, Stevie and Happiness will start boarding in January at Tumaini Senior Secondary School – an excellent school that consistently ranks among the best schools in the region and country. Though their school is three hours away in Karatu, on the edge of the national parks, the kids will be back to visit in holidays and we can’t wait to hear how they’re going!

An extra special thank you to our longstanding supporters (some have known these kids since they were toddlers!) and the following sponsors, whose dedication to these kids has enabled this wonderful next step toward their future.

  • Janell Schmidt
  • Richard Russell, and the Russell, Bahnik and Rosen families
  • Jane, Martin and Emily Butler
  • Terri and Bruce Alpert
  • David Crisp
  • Rita Goldberg
  • Ben and Mallory Hart

Ericki, Ema, Stevie and Happiness (and TST!) couldn’t have done it without you, and we thank you for your love and support.