A Visionary, Leader, and Future Social Worker: Gideon

A Visionary, Leader, and Future Social Worker: Gideon

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My brothers and sisters, I love you deeply. I know you will teach a lot about love by taking care of one another. I pray that you realize your dreams. Your future endeavors should be bright and you should strive to change your communities and the world and orphaned children. So as to make them safe and happy – Gideon’s message to the children of TST, 2019

Youth Voices Lead Reform

Gideon is a young Tanzanian man who was orphaned as a child. Left without any contacts to his family, Mama Pendo cared for him, until he was relocated by social welfare to another institution in Southern Tanzania at age five. Fifteen years later, Gideon returned to the only place he knew as home and became an incredible big brother and student teacher to the children at Happy Family Children’s Village. Only by promoting and listening to young voices who have experienced, first-hand the social services system in Tanzania, can we truly understand and reform it. We believe Gideon will be a leading voice in OVC care reform in Tanzania and will do everything we can to give him the resources he needs to achieve his goals. 

Returning Support to Your Own Community

“I want to return the love I was given, to these children,” Gideon explains. As you can witness in this short film created by two of our volunteers, Calia Christie and Maddie Nagler; Gideon might more love for the children at TST than anyone. Gideon spent the majority of 2018 and 2019 working as a student teacher at The Small Things, providing not only academic support for vulnerable young children, but also a deep brotherly care.

Whether he taught in the preschool, primary school, led choir, or read stories to the youngest children before bed – Gideon is an exemplary young man. 

Future Community Leader

I want to be a great example. A leader to my community and I wish also to be a musician.

This January, Gideon embarked on a new journey and began a Bachelors Degree in Community Development at Tengeru Institute for Community Development, down the hill from Nkoaranga. On the weekends, he returns to his family at the Children’s Village. He sings in choir on the weekends at church and coaches all of the other children in singing and music. We will be continually posting about Gideon, listening to his dreams and advice about the world. In the meantime, if you are so inspired by his voice like we are – please donate to cover some of his education costs. Donate one time to Gideon’s education here. Help Gideon achieve his dreams and sign up to sponsor his education here!