Volunteer Spotlight: Doctor

Volunteer Spotlight: Doctor

Doctor volunteering at TSTToday, we would like to introduce you to an inspiring young man named Doctor! Doctor grew up in Karatu with our friends, Tanzania Children’s Fund and he is currently studying sociology and social work. During his most recent break from college, he decided to spend some time volunteering with us here in Nkoaranga– while also learning more about what we do!

We could not be have been more thrilled with the incredible support Doctor has provided both our staff and the children we work with during his time here. Doctor’s incisive insights– drawn from both academic and personal experiences–his suggestions for program growth, and his overall friendly and upbeat demeanor have made him a joy to host, and we hope to have more interns and volunteers just like him in the future! Check out our interview below to learn more about volunteering with TST.

Q. Why did you decide to volunteer at TST?

A. It’s my dream and future ambition to work in a place similar to TST, surrounded by kids that have the the same background as me. I want to show them that that anything is possible–whatever your birth circumstances– as long as you work hard for it. Also, I saw TST as a place where I could gain more experience and put my academic knowledge (social work and sociology) into practice under the guidance of the senior staff, and mamas at TST.

Doctor at TST

Q. What has been your day to day like, while living and volunteering here in Nkoaranga?

A. Every morning has been amazing. Waking up to not only a beautiful morning and sun rise, but also to the smiling and laughter of the Day Care kids and working together with the staff in various activities!

Q. What has been your favourite part of volunteering?

A. Working with the kids, watching movies on the projector, talking to the older children about development and educating them on the changes they are experiencing!

Q. Do you have any advice for those interested in volunteering?

A. The only advice I have is they should make the most of it — with what ever they do.


Wow! How can I volunteer or get involved?

Depending on your interests, location and the time you have available, there are a ton of different ways to volunteer with us. Whether you are interested in coming to Tanzania to spend 3 months as an intern gaining practical experience, or would like to help manage our upcoming event from a remote location, we’d love to hear from you, and work together. It is our belief that small actions, when done with intention, can produce big impact and this ethos underscores our approach to visitors and volunteers as well. Come join our little family today!