Connection Campaign Donor Impact on Covid-19

Connection Campaign Donor Impact on Covid-19

Thanks to donations from supporters who responded generously to the appeals in our recent Connection Campaign, The Small Things were able to provide special measures to the kids and families in our programs. These measures enabled vulnerable families to stay safe and supported as coronavirus spreads through the community of Nkoaranga. Connection was our theme for the campaign. To offer a way for TST supporters and new visitors to connect with each other in lockdown through live stream events and engagement. Bringing TST into living-rooms around the world was also a way to connect supporters with the kids and families that their donations support and empower. Thanks to some amazing fundraisers, the Connection Campaign was a great success, raising over $20,000!

Connection Campaign school review books
Kids receive school review books

The COVID-19 Situation on the Ground in Tanzania

Schools in Tanzania have re-opened since the beginning of June. Social distancing was not widely implemented as a preventative measure and, due to its dependence on the trade, Tanzania’s borders have also been fully open to tourism since June.  There are many families suffering due to the health and economic impact on the country. With already limited health infrastructure, the coronavirus is especially affecting the most vulnerable families, like those served by our outreach team.

Donations Make a Real Impact in the Community

  • Connection Campaign business support appeal

Connection Campaign appeals to support kids and vulnerable families against coronavirus

In response to our emergency appeals, donations to the Connection Campaign have gone directly towards providing hygiene kits for needy families, which include masks and sanitizer, as well as training on their use, and social distancing as a preventative measure. Donations have also provided for review books for kids who had no access to educational resources during lockdown and food baskets to families whose modest incomes have been affected by the economic downturn; among other interventions. With few health supports and precautions, the situation in Tanzania is precarious for so many families.

Connection Campaign Enables Family Preservation

As our sole source of funding, donations also sustain our ongoing mission that, poverty is never an acceptable reason for a child to be in an orphanage. In addition to COVID-19 emergency supports, Connection Campaign donations also mean that families don’t lose access to the supports and opportunities to build financial stability and ensure that their children can live with them, at home.

Mama Ebenezer business support from the Family Preservation Program
Elieshi, Ebenezer’s aunt, with goats supplied by the Family Preservation Program to build up her business

Ebenezer is a child in our Sponsorship Program who was born premature, lost his mother at birth, and is slightly delayed in reaching milestones. He lives with us in the Happy Family Children’s Village to support his development while we work with his family on taking him home. The Family Preservation Program supported Elieshi, his aunt, with a small grant to build up her business, as well as training. With financial stability she has been able to extend her house, and Ebenezer has been able to go home during the holidays. Starting with three goats and one cow, thanks to her hard work, Elieshi now has twelve goats and two cows! She will be graduating from the Business Development Program soon, and we will move on to the next phase of reunification.

Supporter Connections Empower Kids and Families

Contributions go so far on the ground in Tanzania. All of our programmes and services are funded solely through the generosity of donations and connections made by our supporters all around the world with the kids and their families here in Nkoaranga, Tanzania. If you would like to support families like Elieshi and Ebenezer’s, please visit our website.


Sponsoring creates stability for a child’s development. TST sponsors receive regular, direct updates from our sponsorship coordinator and later the child themselves, as you enjoy seeing them grow and blossom. We encourage two-way communication, because the kids love their sponsors!