Families and Futures Coalition of Tanzania

The current system for caring for orphaned or vulnerable children in Tanzania is broken. We’ve done all that we can to provide best-practice care at TST, but we know that our programs are a small drop in the ocean, and only reach a small number of kids and families who need them across Tanzania.

To remedy this, with the backing of the regional social welfare office and several founding partner organisations, we have created the Families and Futures Coalition of Tanzania (FFCT). This cross-organisation coalition aims to democratize and decolonize access to high quality trainings and practical support across the country. In short we’re taking everything that we, and our partners, have learned and we’re making it available to grassroots organizations Tanzania-wide.

We recently held our second coalition conference, with a fantastic turnout of local organizations who came together to discuss challenges that they faced, and what they hoped to achieve as members of the FFCT. We’re excited to see how the Coalition impacts the lives of families and children across Tanzania in the future.

You can learn more about the Families and Futures Coalition here.