Funding Priorities

Silverleaf Coalition Pilot

We are currently piloting our coalition concept in partnership with Silverleaf schools. In 2021, we will be implementing an educational/specialist hub model, facilitating shared access to extracurricular activities, remedial support, screening for learning disabilities, and implementation of hands-on science and computer facilities and teaching. We will also run adult education, including business development and microfinance programs, at the site. Learn more about the Families and Futures Coalition.

2021 Projected: Staff costs: $20,000; Specialist teams $15,000; Computer lab $10,000

Studio Site

Our vocational studio provides opportunities for young adults to build creative businesses, while learning techniques in the fields of metalwork, sewing, leatherworking, and more. The studio currently operates out of 3 rented rooms, but we aim to build a new space at Happy Family Children’s Village to consolidate all of our operations and stop paying rent. Approximately $10,000 for 3 rooms and covered outdoor space.

House Tiling

All three of the children’s houses are currently being repainted annually at significant expense. We want to put tile in all the houses to make cleaning easier and minimize ongoing costs. About $3,000 for each of 3 houses.

Fourth Kids′ House

As the children get older, and in order to allow us to take in more special needs cases as needed, we need one more residential house. This will cost around
$60,000, including furnishings and supplies.


Our livestock program includes chickens as well as rotations for goats and cows, whereby outreach families receiving these animals then return the first offspring to TST. We would like to purchase an incubator, which would allow us to seed chicken businesses without needing to purchase them each time, while retaining sufficient livestock to provide meat and eggs for the residential children. At that point, our livestock program will be entirely sustainable and not require further inputs, outside of food and medicine. Cost approximately $1,000.

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