Funding Priorities

Immediate Priorities

Operational Funding

Due to the ongoing pandemic and associated dip in fundraising revenue, we require extra assistance with our operation funding, so we can fully meet our budget without relying on government loans or emptying our reserve fund.

Hygiene Outreach Initiative

There is a major problem among our outreach families with insufficient latrine and hygiene options. With approximately $10,000, we could fund several years of training and build safe latrines for about 50 families with over 150 children.


In 2019 we were able to secure excellent internet reception, which has dramatically reduced the office down-time. We also implemented basic solar lighting in all the houses. However, we still need something stronger to power the office, internet, and refrigerators during power outages, as well as solar heaters for hot water. Alternatives include stronger solar panels and batteries, or an inverter system that stores electricity when the power is on, and returns it to the system when it subsides. A robust system will cost about $10,000.

Coalition Funding

The Families and Futures Coalition of Tanzania is an initiative with the potential to transform the childcare system of the entire country, returning tens of thousands of children to their families and homes. In 2020, TST expects to invest approximately $30,000 in the project, with another $20,000 in costs expected to complete the first phase in early 2021. This will allow us to run a founding partner conference and provide 6 month subsidies for organizations leading toolkit creation. We are applying to a variety of individual donors and foundations for startup funding, as we seek long term seven figure funding from larger partners like USAID, UNICEF, DFID, etc. See the proposal for full details.

Fourth Kids′ House

As the children get older, and in order to allow us to take in more special needs cases as needed, we need one more residential house. This will cost around
$60,000, including furnishings and supplies.

Long-term Priorities

Primary School

Through one of several educational partners, we have the option of turning our current buildings into a primary school. We would then need to rebuild our family-style houses in a different location on the site, ideally in a more cozy configuration than is mandated by the slope where the houses are currently built. We expect this to cost about $50,000 per new house, with additional expenses related to the landscaping, utilities, and modifications to the current buildings bringing the entire total to around $250,000.

Without a fourth house, the current buildings have a total of 3 large and 12 small rooms. If we combined 8 of the small rooms into 4 big ones, we would have enough space for a large classroom for each grade 1-7, plus 4 extra rooms for art and music spaces, administrative offices, etc, in addition the library which is already on site. We would be able to provide the highest quality education for approximately 175 children annually at the school.

Tertiary Education

As our oldest children are beginning secondary school, we are looking ahead and seeking to develop a tertiary education scholarship fund able to cover at least $15,000 of fees annually, ideally through an endowment.

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