Goodbye, 2021!

Goodbye, 2021!

The thing we’ve loved about this year’s campaign is that the children have shared their stories directly with you. After Saimoni got the ball rolling, Maureen carried the baton, and now Agape wants to take over.

Agape came to us at 8 years old. She was very smart but because of major challenges her mother was struggling with, we gave her a place to live while her mother tried to turn her life around and create a stable home for Agape to return to. Her mother visited Agape every single weekend, while building up a small business with some support from us. That meant that eventually they did reunite, though Agape still studies with our children and both she and her mother are a big part of our extended family. This kind of reunion is our favourite kind of success story.

But we’ll let Agape talk (we have to admit to feeling quite emotional reading about how she feels about our amazing team).

“I felt very happy to stay with The Small Things because they are very bright people. They love all children as well as they can. The Small Things help us children with different things like taking us to school and loving us. I love the people in The Small Things because they are very kind.

On my first day I went to stay in Pilot House and I drank tea and ate bread. That day I got a friend, whose name was Loveness. We were together and helped each other in different things. And now I have another friends whose name is Anna. We love each other.”

That’s one thing we perhaps don’t talk about enough. Yes, our staff work hard to support these children through the challenges of their lives, but the children also provide so much support to each other. They are also so delighted when one of their friends returns to their family, even if they do miss having them around.

We are only able to spark these amazing moments because of you. If you haven’t yet donated to our Season of Sparks campaign, please consider doing it if you can. Just $60 could help spark learning by helping a child in the community like Agape to go to school. $250 could fund a microfinance group of 25, helping women like Agape’s mother to become independent. $3,000 could help us to support hundreds of children and families like them by funding our outreach work for a month.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for supporting us through 2021. Thank you for sparking hope as we move into 2022.

Love and gratitude

Bekka and the TST team.

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