New Faces at HFCV

New Faces at HFCV

It is always bittersweet when a child enters into our care at Happy Family Children’s Village. Though we do all that we can to keep families together, sometimes residential care is a necessary last resort. However this provides an opportunity for our social workers to work with any remaining family on a plan for reunification.

We are happy to welcome and introduce eight new children at HFCV: Vanessa, Vincent, Happiness, Glory, Heavenlight, Ndeteulwa, Pendo, and Meshack. These children come from different backgrounds and have different stories. Nonetheless, we are happy to have their happy faces at HFCV while their families get the assistance they need to get back onto solid ground.

Happiness, Glory, Pendo and Ndetaulwa are four (of six!) energetic and friendly siblings from our outreach program who were brought into our care due to a deterioration in their disabled parents’ condition. The four youngest children are living with us, while we have enrolled the two oldest in vocational school.  We are working with the family on treatment and a safer environment, and we hope these sweet kids will soon be going home!

Heavenlight (2) and Maureen (6) both entered our care recently from the community, where they were both struggling with health issues that their relatives were unable to manage. Since entering care their health has stabilized, and we continue to work with both families towards a long-term reunification plan!

Vincent, Vanessa and Meshack are a set of three siblings, who recently came into our care in bad shape, after a partner organization’s family preservation efforts had failed. Thanks to your support, they are now thriving! Read more about their story in our 2018/19 annual report.