Charlotte’s Marathon for the Nkoaranga Kids!

Hello Everyone!

My name is Charlotte and I visited Tanzania in Jan 2011. I was lucky enough to be able to have the privilege of volunteering at Nkoaranga orphanage with the amazing children and staff there. I so miss seeing the wonderful children and admire the work that The Small Things are doing to help to make a difference to the lives of the people at Nkoaranga orphanage.

This is why I have decided to run the Taunton Half Marathon with my friend Bethan to raise money for The Small Things. I am not someone who is particularly good at running so this is definitely a challenge! So far, training is so hard. And only a few weeks to go! However, it will so worth it for this amazing cause. Please feel free to click around the site to learn more about what they do, and meet the kids that make it all worth it!

Please donate through Bethan and my shared widget to the right. Thank you so much for anything you can give!