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UPDATE – As of October 21st, we made it – this year’s children are fully funded!!! Please read on to find out about how we help get the kids educated, because it’s never too early to start working on next year’s kids: Pendo, Abdulli, David, and Andrea. Don’t forget that they will need long term year-to-year sponsors – please be in touch if you are interested in forming a relationship that will change both of your lives. 

Thank you SO much to everyone who contributed!  

Broad Horizons, Bright Tomorrows
It’s that time of year again! School in Tanzania begins in January, so everyone at Nkoaranga orphanage is getting ready for the next group of kids to move out of the orphanage and into their new digs, in elite Tanzanian boarding schools. The Small Things partners with The Foundation For Tomorrow, the organization that handles all of the day-to-day needs of the kids in school – they negotiate tuition, handle sponsorship fees, make sure the kids get proper medical care, provide after school enrichment, transport the children to extended family during breaks or, if they have none, set them up in loving foster homes between terms. For $1,100 per year, TFFT provides all of this, tuition, and full room and board – and gets amazing results.
What does it take to get them into school? In addition to a nine year commitment to the $1,100 per year tuition, TFFT requires that the sponsors put down two additional years up front. As long as the sponsor stays enrolled, that money will be applied to the child’s last two years of school. If sponsors drop out before the children finish school, it will give TFFT two years to find replacement sponsors. As long as sponsors stay involved, they receive frequent updates, letters and pictures from their child, and the warm feeling of knowing that they are giving these incredible children the future they deserve. The Small Things works in two capacities for our kids’ education – to help find sponsors for the kids, and to raise the funds to fill any gaps in the two years of up front payment so that the kids get into the program. Although these funds ultimately go through TFFT, they are reserved for these specific children, and if we can’t raise the full amount, they will not be able to start school. 
Emily with Stevie (left) and Dainess (right)
This year, we have three of our wonderful children heading out into the world, with The Small Things and The Foundation for Tomorrow by their side: Ericki, Stevie and Dainess. While Ericki is already fully sponsored, Stevie and Dainess will only be able to start school this year with your help. Ericki’s full story is up on the “Meet the Kids” page. Stevie’s mother died in childbirth, and he has been at the orphanage since he was a newborn. No one from his family has kept in touch with the orphanage, so we are unsure of whether he has any living relatives. Dainess’s mother also died in childbirth, and while her father and half brother have visited the orphanage a few times, they do not keep in close touch. It is unknown whether either of their mothers had other medical conditions – pre-existing problems like malaria, HIV, malnutrition, or anemia often play a part in deaths during childbirth. 
Stevie and Dainess have year-to-year sponsors, but they were not able to put down the entire 3 years up front – we still need to raise $1,100 for Stevie, and $2,200 for Dainess, to get them enrolled this January. Let’s make it happen! 

Meet Stevie

Stevie, Steven, Steveni… whatever he’s called, he’s always in the middle of everything, with something up his sleeve. This boy is too smart for his own good – he’s constantly laughing, jumping on the volunteers, inventing new games, and thinking up new ways to make a mess! There’s the time he made up the “Wewe Chakula” (You are food!) game… or the time he got bubble gum all over his and Ericki’s heads… or the time he decided to “help” feed the chickens, by breaking into the coop and feeding them at least a month’s worth of food in one night! With his big eyes and his HUGE smile, Stevie is a brilliant, witty kid who, with your help, is going places.

Meet Dainess

Dainess  (pronounced Die-a-ness) is a force of nature. I don’t know that I’ve ever met a kid with this much spunk in my life. When my mother walked into the orphanage for the first time, Dainess LEAPT onto her hip and refused to budge for the next two weeks. She had decided that this woman was going to love her, simple as that – and Dai is pretty hard to refuse! She’s fascinated by the younger kids – she loves performing for them, as she did one night on video for baby Gracie, who was up past her bedtime and fussy (above). When she can slow down long enough, she’s a big help to the mamas! On the other side, Dainess is fiercely loyal and very sweet – she and Farajah are extremely close, best friends even. She is a cuddle-bug and can be very dramatic – she makes such dramatic faces that it can be really hard not to laugh, even though you know it’s deathly serious in her mind! She’s incredibly sharp, and will do amazing things with the opportunities that going to school will bring – if you will help us give them to her.

Please help us give all our kids the world – donate to help them attend school today. 

Thank you to those who have already contributed:

Dawid Mastalerczyk
Tara Maisel
Emelie Elmhorn
Lily Maisel
Rasmus Houmann Korfits
Jakob Flou Kristensen
Marie Korfits
Birgit Christensen
The Bloom family
Donna Eversman
Meagan Snow
Erica Cummings
Kathryn Clark
Jennifer Coyle
Christine Childs
Valerie Wininger
Sarah Coker
Kathryn Bint
Alexandria DeWolfe
Rebecca Billings
Julia Young
Marjorie Goodwin
Janette Dill
Marie McDonough
Hope Roobol
Casey Pombert
Laura Sockol
Meghan Schumacher
Robert Alexander
Polly Cole
Elizabeth Chandler
Kylie Spies
Pat Welsh
Katherine Graves Abe
Brandi Kincaid
Kinsey Allen
Shana Ralls
Heather Trachtenberg
Lacey Heath
Suzannah Genz
Coco and Ginger
Alex Grove
Susannah Perry
Angelica Hegedus
Katie Farmand
Courtney Prothero
Kate Miller
Popi Galileos
Woopsie Baby Designs
Elisabeth Kittredge
Christy Olsen
Jane Kaminski
Patrice Rose
Sharon Magner
Amanda Thompson
Rachel Taft
Kim Kozma
Alison Franklin
Amber Houston
Laura Fernandez
Leslie Stumpff
Jessica Fairley
Wendy Fields
Jenna Francis
Christine Miller
Heather Willson
Dana Lampi
Bernadette Smith
Carlyn Eames
Tammy Tamayo
Regina Cocks
Evangeline Alexander
Stina Oftedal
Cheyanne Rudmik
Katy Coburn
Mary McBride
Stephanie MacGill
Meagan Morrow
Melissa Callero
Wendy Woolf
And a special thank you to the EXTRAORDINARY Rebecca Woolf of Girls Gone Child
And a huge thank you to the kids’ sponsors:

Ericki: Jane and Martin Butler, The Alazawie Family
Stevie: The Crisp Family, Rita Goldberg
Dainess: Dorothy Goldberg

We are already looking forward to next year: Pendo, David, Abdulli, and others will be heading off to school. Please consider whether you could help support our children through school, with yearly tuition payments of $1,100 – or a half sponsorship of $550 per year, or a quarter sponsorship for $225 per year. Check out TFFT’s program and shoot us an email here if you are interested in becoming a long term sponsor for one of the kids. 
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