Broad Horizons, Bright Tomorrows

In January of 2013, Abdulli, Andrea, David and Pendo will all be ready to go to boarding school and fulfill their incredible potential, the way their mothers would have wanted.

As of October 2012, all four of our kids are FULLY sponsored for their year-to-year tuition! We just have to find the last bit of up-front tuition money and we are all set! 

Fundraising Project:Tuition for January 2013 Enrollment
$4400 allows us to: enroll 2 kids with 4 years tuition prepaid.

The Small Things partners with The Foundation For Tomorrow, the organization that handles all of the day-to-day needs of the kids in school – they negotiate tuition, handle sponsorship fees, make sure the kids get proper medical care, provide after school enrichment, transport the children to extended family during breaks or, if they have none, set them up in loving foster homes between terms. For $1,100 per year, TFFT provides all of this, tuition, and full room and board – and gets amazing results.
What does it take to get them into school? In addition to a nine year commitment to the $1,100 per year tuition, TFFT requires that the sponsors put down two additional years up front. As long as the sponsor stays enrolled, that money will be applied to the child’s last two years of school. If sponsors drop out before the children finish school, it will give TFFT two years to find replacement sponsors. As long as sponsors stay involved, they receive frequent updates, letters and pictures from their child, and the warm feeling of knowing that they are giving these incredible children the future they deserve. 

The Small Things works in two capacities for our kids’ education – to help find sponsors for the kids, and to raise the funds to fill any gaps in the two years of up front payment so that the kids get into the program. That means if you can’t commit to a year-to-year sponsorship, one time donations are also needed to get them enrolled, and we would be very grateful for anything you can give. Although these funds ultimately go through TFFT, they are reserved for these specific children, and if we can’t raise the full amount and find sponsors for each child, they will not be able to start school. You can donate towards the two year up-front cost above, underneath the tracker.
But first, we thought you may like to know a little more about the incredible children that will be starting next year. So, here, Emily introduces to you Abduli, Andrea, David Kubwa and Pendo!
Abdulli- Our beautiful Abdulli is a loving, cheeky, funny, and kind little boy who will do wonders at school. Abdulli sometimes needs a bit more time and one-on-one attention from the teachers to grasp concepts that are normally easier for children his age – however, with the right attention, he thrives. One of my favourite memories of Abdulli is taking him to feed the chickens. Every day we would go and feed the chickens, and sometimes we would take 2 or 3 of the children that had been really good with us. On this particular occasion Abdulli had been helping with feeding the babies and so we asked if he would like to be that day’s chicken helper. His face broke out into a massive grin, and he nodded at us with great enthusiasm. So, I took Abdulli to feed the chickens and have, since then, been unable to forget the look of obvious pride and glee he had on his face the entire time we were feeding the chickens, the way he skipped up to the chicken coop with great excitement, and the fact that this lasted for days afterwards. He has made incredible progress in the last six months, and we can’t wait to see where he goes. Abdulli is such a beautiful boy, and deserves the chance to go to school so he can show us what he is really made of. Click here to read about his schooling plans, and to become his sponsor. 

Huge thanks to Emma Shaw, the Williams family, and the Biannuccis for sponsoring Abdulli! We are so grateful to you for helping us to give all our kids the opportunities they deserve! 

Andrea– Andrea is a funny, imaginative, smart, and loving little boy who will always bring a smile to your face. He is like a little ball of energy, bursting with so much love for everyone. When Andrea gets really excited he runs up to you and so excited to speak, stumbles over his words so much that he can’t actually form a sentence. On many occasions I have stood there with Andrea as he tries to tell me something for a good few minutes, until he has finally had enough and SHOUTS the sentence at me ‘Nakupenda!’ (I love you) and I smile, lift him up and give him a massive hug whilst telling him that I love him too. He’s smart, sweet, and creative – anytime that anyone sits down he will immediately come running over, take their hair out of the bobble holding it back and start styling it in as many ways as he can think of. He is a very imaginative little boy, and he’s going to do some seriously impressive stuff when he gets to school.

Andrea is being sponsored by My African Child, a wonderful Danish organization! Thanks to everyone involved! 

David Kubwa– David Kubwa, meaning ‘big’ David (as opposed to David the toddler), is a smart, cheeky, energetic and caring little boy whose cheeky smile can get him out of any situation. A few years ago there was a fire at the orphanage and David was very badly burnt on his legs – he was saved due to the truly heroic intervention of one of the orphanage mamas, who was seriously burned herself in the process (see Light Up the Night for more information). David recovered well, but since then, there have been a few repercussions with his mental development. David sometimes struggles to understand some certain social situations, which is why we feel that sending him to a boarding school that is able to support him and help him to progress at his own pace, will be just what he needs. He is such a loving little boy and I often found that, if I was having a bad day, David would somehow sense that I wasn’t feeling great and would come make me laugh in one way or another. His favourite way of doing this was to say ‘jina lako nani?’ which means ‘what is your name?’. Now don’t get me wrong, David knew my name, but he also knew that this would make me laugh as he was being loveably cheeky, so would often say this to me to cheer me up. David is a wonderful little boy and, with the right support, will become a brilliant young man.

David is all ready to start school – Kristina Alexander and her parents Wayne and Sandra Leland have taken on three quarters of his sponsorship! She and her wonderful workmates have also donated one year of David’s up front tuition at her Light Up the Night gala. The rest of his sponsorship is being covered by the wonderful Emma Shaw. Can’t wait to see what this smart boy will do next!

Pendo – Pendo, whose name means love in Swahili, is an intelligent, caring, funny and beautiful little girl who has a heart of gold big enough to love everyone in the world. At the age of 4 she arrived at the orphanage in April of this year. She is the sister of Zawadi, another one of the children, and was found to be malnourished as a result of the start of her life. She may also have suffered abuse over the years, although the exact context is unclear. When she first arrived at the orphanage she was very shy and didn’t say much, but as the days went by, she slowly began to become more settled into her new home and began to open up a lot more. She is now a happy, fun and LOUD little girl who, if she is really excited, will shout what she is trying to tell you even if you are stood 10cm away, because she is so happy and cannot control her excitement. It was so lovely to see Pendo settling into the orphanage, as it’s not easy for a child to leave their home. I remember sitting with her when she first arrived, cuddling her on my lap. We sat there for about an hour and the entire time she didn’t say a word. Within a week she was running around with the other children, laughing, playing and generally causing absolute mayhem along with the rest of the Orphanage. She is a smart little girl and is going to live an extremely successful life. Learn more about Pendo here.

Pendo’s year-to-year sponsorship is now COVERED through the combined generosity of Millie Pike, Anna Black, and her parents! 

Each of these children is special in their own way and they all deserve the chance to go to school so they can show us what they are really made of. Thank you for anything you can give!