How to Help

Fundamentally, all of the projects that can make life better for these children depend on financial support. Please help us to continue to make these children’s lives healthier and happier through financially supporting our projects.

Can you do a 5k? Run a marathon? Climb a mountain? Skydive? Would you rather raise money for some fantastic kids rather than receive birthday, holiday, or memorial gifts? Create your own custom fundraiser for The Small Things (in USD through Causes or Crowdrise, or any other currency through Ammado), then get in touch – we can help! You can find us under FEIN 45-2466306!

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In Honor Of

To those who have helped us reach this point: I cannot possibly express my gratitude, and the seriousness of the contribution you have made. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and on behalf of the children, for all you have done, and for caring about our babies.

Any money received through donations will be gratefully and swiftly utilized to improve the children’s lives, to a degree almost unimaginable from the comfort of the Western world. Thank you for anything you can give.

Socially conscious gift giving

Think about the holidays and your loved ones’ birthdays – is there anyone on your list who would feel good about giving a chance at normal development to an orphaned child? Who would rather know that a woman in the developing world has a job, and a group of orphaned children have a caretaker, than have another piece of electronic equipment or jewelry? Let us know if you are making a donation as a gift, and we’ll send you a personalized Thank You card to let the recipient know who we are, and how they are helping.

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All donations are processed securely through Paypal, although you do NOT need a Paypal account to contribute – simply use the “No Paypal Account?” link at the bottom of the checkout page. 

Volunteering and Travel
At the end of the day, everything we do is merely a supplement to the incredible work done by the mamas and volunteers on the ground. They are the single most important factor in the children growing up happy and healthy.
If you are interested in volunteering in Tanzania and would like to be in contact with Nkoaranga orphanage or hospital, please contact us and we would be thrilled to help arrange a stay. While anyone can help, they are especially in need of those with experience in childcare and medical training. Also, the children tend to lack positive male role models, so men are particularly encouraged to volunteer.
Volunteering directly through The Small Things and Nkoaranga orphanage is significantly cheaper than going through a traditional volunteer-matching organization, as all board members work on a volunteer basis and therefore would not charge an administration fee. Our sole aim is to connect enthusiastic volunteers with our kids. That said, you would be volunteering directly and independently – we cannot provide the support of a traditional agency, so it would only really be appropriate for those with extensive international experience and the maturity to function independently should problems arise.
For more structure and support, we would recommend a group like Oyster Worldwide, an excellent gap year and socially responsible travel agency that works with Nkoaranga orphanage and hospital as well as in many other locations, both in Tanzania and worldwide. Many of our board members began as Oyster volunteers and have had nothing but positive things to say about the experience. Although they are UK based, they are able to work with volunteers from all over the world, to “have an amazing trip and to return with a long-term affection for the country they visit, feeling they have done something worthwhile and important.” Please let Oyster know if you come to them through The Small Things!
Alternatively, if you are planning to travel in the area but unable to volunteer, please be in touch if you would be able to bring donations with you. Since, unfortunately, the Tanzanian postal system is extremely expensive and unreliable, it is generally impractical for us to accept donations of clothes or toys, unless someone takes them over as luggage. Toys specifically should be limited to non-choking hazard hard plastic, as almost everything else will be quickly destroyed with so many children present. More complex or academically enriching games can be allocated to the school.

Technical Details

We will make every effort to ensure that money donated to specific projects is used for those projects. All funds will be used to further the goals and projects described on the site. Funds are allocated in one of a few different ways, depending on the project. For instance, for Project MAJI we bought the filters directly, and personally oversaw their installation on our next trip. For the mamas’ salary fund, the money is transferred to the orphanage account every three months and then we receive receipts signed by each woman, through the hospital. For school fees, we pay the money directly to TFFT, who pay all 60 of their kids’ fees in bulk. Whenever possible, our policy is to buy items directly (like mosquito nets, formula, etc) rather than send cash. The Small Things Inc. has its own bank account and we file with the IRS annually to verify that all the funds are going to charitable use. We have filed for recognition as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization under FEIN 45-2466306.