Bethan’s Marathon for the Nkoaranga Kids!

Last time it was a jump
out of a plane. This time, it’s a 13 mile half-marathon. I’m really not a fan
of running or any form of strenuous exercise, so believe me, this really is a

 So why am I daring myself to do something else to test my mind and body? The children of Nkoaranga orphanage.

To be able to do something for them
 whilst not physically being able to be with them is worth any energy and adrenaline that I have.

I am thrilled to be going back out there in June for 5 weeks of fun, feeding and of course, nappy changing! I’m sure the kids will enjoy my impressions of a very red and breathless Bethan making it to the finish line when I tell them what sort of crazy things people do for them, with the help and support of you brilliant people that keep us at The Small Things dedicated and inspired.

My good friend Megan has already volunteered to be my training partner, which is beginning today! And I will write occasional blogs to keep you all updated on how my preparation is going for the big day. 

So, 10.30am on Sunday 7th April in my home town of Taunton, Somerset, I’ll be setting off!
I will appreciate absolutely any amount that you are able to donate to this very worthy cause and I would like to say a massive thank you for your support.

See you at the finish line!