We are taking the plunge for the orphanage kids – we’re proud and very, very scared to announce the launch of our latest project, PROJECT SKYDIVE!

Usually, when someone asks if you care about a cause enough to jump out of a plane for it, you would expect it to be a hypothetical question… HOWEVER, we are excited (and slightly nervous (ok, utterly terrified!)) to announce that for some of us, that hypothetical has become reality!

On December 3rd, we (Bethan and Emily) and several other previous Nkoaranga Orphanage volunteers will literally be throwing ourselves out of a plane in order to raise enough money for the orphanage kids and the Mamas who care for them!

We’ve already raised enough to send the beautiful Stevie, Eriki and Dainessi to boarding school in January through one of our projects, Project Education. To read more about Project Education and this year’s kids, please click here. For more info on next year’s cohort, click here. Every year the children that turn five go to a boarding school near to Nkoaranga Orphanage called USA River Academy. This is made possible by a brilliant organisation called The Foundation For Tomorrow, that we are working with in order to send our beautiful children to school. The boarding school provides the children with food, board and a wonderful education that so many children in the world aren’t able to receive. Those of you who have already donated were a huge part of making that happen – thank you!

Suave Stevie
Dynamic Dainess
Empathetic Ericki

 Now that we’ve completed the funding for this year’s schooling, any money raised from here on in will go towards next year’s group of schoolkids (Pendo, Abdulli, David, and Andrea), as well as towards hiring more orphanage staff. We’re making a commitment to employ these women and want to have at least two years’ salary saved before hiring to minimize the risk of us being unable to fulfill that commitment.

Whilst working at Nkoaranga Orphanage, we not only became incredibly close to the children living there, but also the Mamas who care for them. They are some of the most inspiring women we have ever met and we felt honoured to have the opportunity to work along side them. Every single one of them love the children an unmeasurable amount and work incredibly hard to ensure they are happy and safe.

If you can’t imagine what it’s like to have two people juggle feeding, clothing, washing, and loving 30 children at once, with the added bonuses of frequent power outages, take a look at Emily’s adorable video below of multitasking during one of the (daily) blackouts while feeding Frankie and comforting Miriam, Maureen and Baracka. The mamas do this and more every single day, which is why it’s so important to us to support them in every way possible.

This is where you wonderful people come in!

Please check out each of our personal skydive pages, which talk in more depth about each of our personal paths and reasons for doing this, and sponsor us! Alternatively, you can donate directly through our tickers at the bottom of the page. If you don’t know any of us personally, please feel free to just pick at random! We will all appreciate the support.

All of the volunteers taking part in this project spent a great deal of time with the children and fell in love with every single one of them. We think about them every single day, and miss them more than words could describe. The opportunity to contribute to their lives from so far away means the world to us – and that’s why we’re asking you to help us. The children of Nkoaranga are all so funny, happy, smart, kind and beautiful. They deserve every chance to show us their full potential and blossom into the stunning people they are going to become, just as their own mothers would have wanted. And call us crazy, but we can’t wait to throw ourselves out of a plane if it means that we get to be part of making that happen!

Thank you so much for anything you are able to give – all donations are really appreciated by The Small Things, the crazy people willing to jump out of the plane, and, most importantly, the children and Mamas of Nkoaranga Orphanage!

Bethan and Emily, with Jasmine, Charlotte, and Sorcha – 
AKA Team Skydive! – and all the Nkoaranga kids