Neema L


Neema, whose name means Grace, is a sweet and playful little girl. She and her twin brother, Baraka, were brought to the Nkoaranga Orphanage as infants, after their mother passed away during childbirth. Though at first she was smaller and shyer than her brother, she has more than caught up! In 2018, Neema and Baraka moved from the Nkoaranga Orphanage to the Happy Family Children’s Village, and after efforts by our Family Preservation team, they returned home to live in late 2019.

Sponsor Neema L

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Sponsorship FAQs

As a new member of the TST Sponsor Family, you will have the opportunity to build a relationship with Neema, and follow her progress as she learns, grows and succeeds.  You'll get:

  • At least two formal updates each year containing photos and/or videos of Neema, her recent school or daycare results, and a drawing or letter
  • Access to our Facebook group for sponsors, where you can engage with other sponsors, and see the regular photos that we post from life at TST
  • The potential to video chat with Neema and a TST staff member (depending on availability of internet in Tanzania)

TST is constantly improving our sponsorship program, and hope to include new ways to support and engage in the future!

100% of your sponsorship donation goes toward the care of the children supported by TST. It costs about $200 per month to fully support a child at Happy Family Children's Village, including safe housing, nutritious food, clothing, and school fees. Supporting a child at home costs approximately $75 per month, which typically supports the child's ongoing education and other necessities (food, medication etc) for the family. A full daycare scholarship costs $30 per month, and will support one of the children in our Family Preservation Program to attend The David Center - our TST daycare.

All of our sponsorship donations are pooled and used to support all of the children served by TST. Think of it this way - we aren’t going to tell one child they get to eat today, and another that they don’t, because of their sponsor status! Your sponsorship will provide personal care and opportunities for all the children, that they would otherwise not have access to, including medical checkups, healthy food, education assistance, and key life skills training.

The exception to this is our daycare scholarships. These sponsorships are directly used to support a child to attend our daycare.

We recognize that the $200 per month it costs to support a child is not feasible for everyone, so our sponsorships start at only $15 per month - because small acts add up to big change. Each child therefore may have multiple sponsors, although we prioritize making sure that each child has at least one. The kids really enjoy hearing back from their sponsors, so we urge you to make it a two-way relationship if possible!