Reunified Kids’ Day

Today we welcomed all of our reunified kids – those who previously lived at Happy Family Children’s Village (HFCV) but now live at home with family – to visit us at The Small Things. It’s always wonderful to see how these kids have progressed, and to see the strength of the bonds between kids who called each other family while living at HFCV. It’s also a great opportunity for our Outreach staff to touch base with the families of these kids to see if there are any issues, or ways in which we can add support.

We were lucky that the weather played its part, and the kids had a fantastic time eating lunch together and playing with each other on our playground.

Did you know that we continue to support the education of kids once they return home from our care? You can sponsor a reunified child today (click “Kids At Home” under “Meet The Kids”) and ensure that they have a bright future.