Season of Sparks Campaign

December 2020 marked the first ever Season of Sparks holiday campaign and the first time donors could choose to “earmark” their gift for specific needs such as tutoring, microloans and even goats!

And TST was overwhelmed with the outpouring of support! Thanks to our generous supporters, TST not only met, but exceeded our year-end goal and their big, generous heart provided the following:

  • 7 gifts to purchase goats, cows and livestock feed
  • 19 gifts for school and daycare scholarships
  • 31 gifts for school books, computers, art supplies and tutoring lessons
  • 5 gifts for the microfinance program
  • 25 gifts to feed children at the Happy Family Children’s Village
  • 8 gifts for quality medical care
  • 3 gifts to sponsor teacher salaries

And dozens and dozens of gifts that TST will use to spark the most change in the areas where it’s needed most!