For more than 130 children, TST provides a loving home at Nkoaranga Orphanage and Happy Family Children's Village, or the support needed for loving relatives to care for them. All of this vital work is built upon the support of their sponsors! Sponsors receive regular updates with photos, school reports, and letters from the children themselves, when they are old enough. 

Family sponsors help send the children to school, fund microfinance grants and loans to enable entrepreneurs to start businesses, teach vocational classes is the community, and much more! Most of our families are able to become self-sufficient over time, at which point your sponsorship can be switched to another family or child! You'll receive regular updates that help you understand the full impact your support is having on these families' lives. 

Our actions create the world we live in - let's intentionally build a kinder world, together. Thank you for joining our international family!