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Microgrants Update – Adam

First, I want to give a few pressing updates about orphanage business – then we’ll move on to Adam’s summary of the microgrants project and its current status!  Thank you to those who have donated for Ebenezer’s care. He was released on Tuesday from the hospital, but was re-admitted yesterday (Friday). His chest has remained...


Microgrants guest post: Riz

Hey everyone! I’m here to give you all a general update on the progress of our microgrants project, before my colleague Adam posts a more detailed version in a couple of days, but first I will take this time to tell you all that Bekka was right – Tanzania is AMAZING. Being here and working...


Micro Grants Project

Whenever possible, we at The Small Things believe in keeping children in their communities with whatever family they have, be it biological or adoptive. According to UNICEF estimates, as many as one in six families in East Africa is caring for at least one orphaned or abandoned child. As part of our work with Nkoaranga orphanage,...