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A day full of love and cherished memories

Though I never met Reziki my heart still aches at the thought that he is no longer with us. Hearing everyone’s kind words about him is so special as it means that his memory will still live on. I wish that I could have had the chance to know that beautiful little boy and to...


Bittersweet milestones – three first birthdays

This is a happy and a sad week – it’s been one year since three fantastic kids came into the world. Vicky, November 26th Filipo, November 28th And today would have been Reziki’s first birthday, November 29th. I can’t do better than Amy’s beautiful post about his short life, here. All I can say is...


Thinking Small to Think Big

Unless you’ve managed to hide under a a rock for the last week (and if so, kudos to getting internet under your rock!), then you probably know that the world population hit 7 billion. That’s some terrifying stuff, if you ask me – and I adore kids! But I think everyone can agree that there...