TST, through Maureen’s eyes

Saimoni and the team here at TST were bowled over by the warm response to the letter he sent you all, and deeply grateful for the donations we received to help other children like him thrive. We’re facing a financially tough year in 2022, so these donations for our end of year appeal bring hope to us all.

In fact, we were so happy about the response, we thought you might like to hear from other wonderful children who are part of the Small Things family, and learn how your support has changed their lives. 

We’d like to introduce you to Maureen. She had a tough start in life: born into a family of extreme poverty, her mother died during childbirth. Her father needs to travel to work and simply couldn’t bring her up. She therefore became part of the Small Things family, starting in Nkoaranga Orphanage but transitioning to the Happy Family Children’s Village when it was built in 2015. She visits her father regularly when he can take a break from travelling for work. But enough from us, let’s hear from Maureen.

My name is Maureen, I study at Silverleaf Academy. When I was a kid I lived at Nkoaranga Orphanage. I remember the lockdown when Corona came. It was somehow good and somehow bad. It was good for me because we didn’t know that Corona had entered Tanzania and I was at home together with other friends… and also I was the very cleverest in jokes and drawing! 

In my future life I want to be a lawyer. I am so excited to be at The Small Things because they provide for basic needs. They raise the talents of kids when they are young and strengthen these talents in order to be the best in the future.

Thank you, by Maureen. PS: I love Small Things so much.

We all love Maureen just as much. The tragedy is that healthcare challenges in Tanzania mean too many children still lose a parent or even both when very young, which is why in such emergencies we try to step in to make sure they get a safe home and education, the foundations for a whole life.

We’re very grateful we are able to help these children at their hour of greatest need, and it’s all down to you. You have already done more for the world than most people. If you do want to provide an extra spark which brings hope into lives like Maureen’s, take a look at our Season of Sparks page. Just $75 could be the spark which provides healthcare for residential children throughout the year. $400 could spark primary education for a child like Maureen, the springboard for her dreams of being a lawyer. $2,400 sparks lifelong change by sponsoring a child with all their needs.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for supporting us. Together we change lives.