Volunteer Ethically in Tanzania

Visiting Experts

If you are only passing through the area briefly, but have expertise in certain areas, we may be able to arrange for a personalized visit and put you to work! Specifically, we love hosting doctors, physiotherapists, special needs experts, muralists, child psychologists, and educators – but get in touch if you have another skill that you think you could contribute!

Long Term Volunteering

Want to be part of happy, healthy childhoods? TST would love to have you come to our campus in Tanzania! 

TST invites interested volunteers from all over the world to support our mission. We work with the local community to create high impact, ethically responsible volunteer opportunities for those interested in affecting sustainable and long-lasting change. In order to best support the attachment needs of our children, volunteers must commit to at least 3 months to be considered for this program. 

This is NOT a voluntourism program – you will work hard, and you will serve as support for the professional Tanzanians running our programs. It will not always be fun, but it will be fulfilling and impactful, and you will know you are making a difference. With the right attitude, it can be an incredible, life-changing opportunity. Our small but dedicated team is so grateful for the commitment of volunteers to support our operations. Volunteering with TST will mean you are part of a dedicated global network of people who truly want to make a difference!

Read more about our volunteering philosophy, and how volunteers can ensure they are doing more good than harm with their efforts (please note that this article is from 2014 and some programs referenced are not current). The biggest single piece of advice is to volunteer directly with organizations working on the ground, not through for-profit agencies. Also know that 100% of  our volunteer costs and fundraising help cover your stay, as well as the programs that help children in our care.

We request that volunteers fundraise or contribute $600/month, which includes $400/month towards their accommodation, and $200/month towards our programs. We will help with fundraising, check out our tools and get in touch with any more questions!

Interested in volunteering? Get in touch!

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