Volunteer Ethically and make a difference

Want to be part of our efforts for happy, healthy childhoods? We would love to have you! For how you can help us from anywhere in the world and earn a trip to Tanzania, check out our available internships. Read on to learn how to join us in Tanzania, or click through here to read about our volunteering philosophy, and how volunteers can ensure they are doing more good than harm with their efforts. The biggest single piece of advice is to volunteer directly with organizations working on the ground, not through for-profit agencies. 100% of  our volunteer costs and fundraising are put towards your stay and programs that help our children.

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We welcome volunteers for at least two weeks who are interested in working with our Family Preservation Program's adult education initiative! Volunteers teach workshops on a huge range of topics - basic medical care, art (painting, jewelry making, knitting), woodworking, bookkeeping, or almost anything else you can think of. Volunteers also meet the children, visit outreach families, and have life-changing and authentic cultural experience in Tanzania. Help empower our community! 

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We are always looking for dedicated longer-term volunteers who are interested in working with and loving our children! Childcare volunteers now have a minimum stay of four months, as it is too tough for the kids if there are many people in and out, building intense relationships with them. Trust us, it is impossible not to fall in love with these kids. We can sometimes accept volunteers with special skills for shorter periods - but we cannot recommend the longer stay highly enough - you won't want to leave!

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