Families and Futures Coalition

At TST our team is focused on doing all we can to provide services that are best practice, evidence-based, and community-led. While our reach to date has covered a limited geographic area, our long-term vision is fueled by the belief that the key to large-scale, effective change lies in linking resources between organizations which alleviates the challenges that come with many small-scale operations trying to “reinvent the wheel.” This alliance building is already happening among a  small core of organizations committed to best practice orphan care in Tanzania, focusing on family preservation and reunification as a first priority, and the use of loving, family-style homes when necessary. 

Our mission is to create a coalition of empowered and well-coordinated community-based organizations across Tanzania, working from a shared foundation of best practice, and aimed at supporting children and communities via a family-first model. Our goal is to connect organizations and professionals alike, through an open-source network, as well as to provide budding community-based organizations (CBOs) with program design modules and support packages including training, funding, and follow-up.  In tandem with this, we aim to advocate for country-wide reform for family and child services, and facilitate the creation of regional specialist teams to support groups of organizations in a geographical area. Working collaboratively with other organizations sharing the same vision, the Families and Futures Coalition of Tanzania (FFCT) promises to improve both the sustainability of organizations and the quality of programs across the country. This will help ensure that thousands of children are able to grow up in loving homes, where they belong!

We are always looking for new partners – please contact us if you’d like to get involved!

Partners and Advisors

Transform Alliance Africa
ACI Uganda
Seeds For African Children
Forever Angels
Spoon Foundation
Happy Family Organics