Residential Care

Though TST’s primary goal is always to keep children in their home, we also recognize that best-practice residential care is sometimes necessary as a last resort.

Happy Family Children’s Village

The Happy Family Children’s Village (HFCV), built in loving memory of Amir Visram (the father of the founder of Happy Family Organics), is a collection of loving family-style homes located in Nkoaranga Village, Tanzania and housing up to 50 children at a time. 

Children end up in care for a multitude of reasons. All of the children TST cares for are referred by local social services and, when appropriate, our team immediately begins working on a reunification plan with their family. Some families are undergoing acute medical or psychiatric crises and need short-term support. Other kids have lost their mother in childbirth, and have a father or other relatives already struggling to take on older siblings, unable to care for a newborn. We facilitate frequent visits where possible, and most of these children return home before age 5. Others require longer-term care, including those who have experienced abuse, neglect, or full abandonment. All are deeply loved during the time they spend at the children’s village, and encouraged to maintain family ties however possible. 

Each house is organized according to best practices in child development and residential care, and HFCV is widely recognized by Tanzanian social welfare as a model facility. In 2019, TST added a third house to the Children’s Village, enabling us to accept children under 3 as well as those with HIV or special needs. In mid-2020, we finalized construction of The David Center, allowing us to transfer our daycare out of rented space and onto our campus.

TST remains extraordinarily grateful to Happy Family Organics and Shazi Visram for their generosity in funding the first stage of HFCV’s construction. and their passion and ongoing support for providing bright futures for all children.

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Student Teacher Program

Through TST’s innovative student teacher program, we support high-performing young adults who lack the funding required to pursue a university education. Our student teachers support our residential children both at home and at school for one to three years, while receiving a modest stipend. When the student teachers complete their commitment to TST, we assist with their university education by covering the cost of a period  equivalent to their service. It’s a win-win – our residential kids receive quality mentorship from positive young Tanzanian role models while impressive young adults develop their potential through higher learning.

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