Success Stories

Reunification – Neema Amari

Neema Amari was happily reunited with her family this past year! She lost her mother during childbirth. and had been in residential care until she was old enough for her doting grandmother to take her home. She recently joined baby class at Nariva Hill Academy, and is turning 4 in October. She shares a tight bond with her grandmother who has been a wonderful mother to her. Every time a visit is paid by the TST team, Neema is always wearing a big smile!

Family Preservation – Leah

Leah is hard working mama. aged 33 years old, with 3 kids. TST met her in October of 2018, when she came to ask for capital to recover her lapsed fruit business. At that time her monthly income was approximately 50 cents per
day, from informal labor. After 7 months of working with TST on her business, she was able to double her daily income, expand her stock, and buy furniture for her house. She not only joined but now chairs her local VICOBA microfinance group, and she recently became self-sufficient and graduated from our program!

Children’s Village – Vincent, Vanessa and Meshack

These three siblings entered our care after extensive family preservation efforts by one of our partner organisations failed. At age 8, Meshack looked years younger and the twins weren’t even able to sit up at 18 months. A year later, all three are thriving – Vincent and Vanessa are both walking, and Meshack is happily attending school for the first time. Keeping sibling groups together, especially in cases of abuse and neglect, can be difficult but so very important.

Community Services – Mama Camilla

Mama Camilla is a VICOBA participant, and joined the TST team as a cook in 2019 while her son Max attended our daycare. Max transitioned into primary school the following school year, and is thriving. Mama Camilla has saved part of her salary through the VICOBA program, and generated income from the interest on loans. This extra money has let her open a side business selling vegetables and eggs!