Our Model

We believe all children deserve homes and families – poverty alone is never an acceptable reason for a child to be in an orphanage. The Small Things (TST) aims to create alternatives to traditional orphanages for vulnerable children, by supporting struggling families, empowering caregivers and communities, and serving as an advocate for transition to a family-first model with options for residential care as a last resort. 

We provide holistic support and resources through our Family Preservation Program, which helps families to build sustainable businesses in order to keep or reclaim their children. We work with families through microfinance, business training, adult education, school support and daycare programs, among other initiatives. For children in need of crisis care, or who are unable to return home due to abuse, neglect, or abandonment, we provide family-style, community-based residential care at Happy Family Children’s Village. These attachment focused homes offer stability and a happy environment for children, surrounded by love and given the opportunity for a brighter future. With our new coalition project, we aim to expand our model and help deinstitutionalize children across Tanzania, through a network of nonprofits. TST brings together many small actions from around the country and the world to create big change for children in need – because no effort is too small to make a difference!