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Kids belong in families, whenever it is possible - and when it's not an option, kids deserve loving, family-style homes. 

Our holistic model works with orphaned and vulnerable children and families on an individual, case by case basis. We believe local problems require local leadership and solutions, and listen to the community and families we work with in order to create sustainable, participatory and evolving care plans for the future. 

Our first priority is keeping families together, and we provide business training, microfinance, and other support through our family preservation program. However, in some cases long term care is a necessity. In those cases, we aim to build real homes, with healthy attachment to loving local caregivers.

When children can't be reunited with family or adopted, we work with the community to create long term, family-style homes at Nkoaranga Orphanage and Happy Family Children's Village. The kids grow up embedded in their community, where they belong, supported by a network of sponsors from across Tanzania and the world. 

What We've Achieved

  • Provide loving residential care for more than 50 children from newborns through age 11
  • Revitalized Nkoaranga Orphanage into an attachment-focused baby home for newborns up to children aged 3
  •  Created Happy Family Children's Village, providing long term family-style homes that are embedded in the community for those children 4 and up who cannot return home
  • Reunified more than 15 residential children with their relatives
  • Developed of a multifaceted Family Preservation Program designed to stabilize families through microfinance, training, and school support, which has served more than 40 families and kept over 80 children at home where they belong
  • Opened a community center with a library, day care, and adult education programs

“TST believes in building and supporting happy families, in all their various shapes and forms. We create sustainable, participatory and evolving care plans for orphaned and vulnerable children and families in the Meru district of Tanzania. Working with the community, we aim to empower our clients and bringing together small acts from around the world to create big change.”
— The Small Things Mission Statement